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If ever a band defied convention, it was The Script. The Irish pop-rock trio, who formed in 2001, are now four albums into their career.

Yet their most recent album, 2014’s No Sound Without Silence, has been described by singer Danny O’Donoghue as being the prequel to their self-titled 2008 debut.
It was written on the tour bus, following a series of arena shows, and released in September last year and reached the top 10 in 42 countries.

O’Donoghue said: “We’d come off stage and start recording straight away in a studio bus. Everything’s massive, everything’s larger than life on stage so when we hit the studio we wanted it to have that same impact.”

The band are back on road, filling some of the biggest arenas in the UK, with support from very special guest Labrinth. They reach Birmingham’s Genting Arena on Thursday.

Drummer Glen Power added: “With the new album we’ve got some more songs to add to the set, so it should be a great show. We have to play what people want to hear and we have to entertain people as they want to come to a show. Every performance is unique to some degree and it’s always got that little bit of magic, but a lot of it’s down to the audience. Most are magic and we’re always trying to reach that point at a show. If anything you’re always shocked when you walk out, you’re never bored and you just want to deliver a good performance for the audience.
“We’re very blessed, our fans are amazing. They turn up to our shows and travel a long way to see us and the only reason why the band has got so big is because they tell everybody about it. Without our fans we really wouldn’t be able to put the shows on that we’ve been putting on because they turn up and they bring everybody with them.”

Power is pleased with the band’s easy-to-identify sound and hopes the band are around for many years to come. “It really depends on what we do next, you can never say. It’s just good that people like what we’re doing and as long as that continues we’ll just continue going as we are and see what happens. You just can’t predict it.”
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The Irish superstars The Script discuss the best and worst of their career – from the song that got them their first record deal to the hits that mean the most.

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proxyThe Script star Danny O’Donoghue reveals the 10 songs that tell his story

I must have been about three at the most and I remember Daniel being played all the time by my dad Shay.
Because he was a musician he had a reel-to-reel machine and he used to play it to me at bedtime.
My dad would hear it going wrong and come up and find me half out of my cot reaching over and trying to wreck it!
I guess Elton John’s not a bad introduction to songwriting – all those melodies, choruses and chord changes coming into your brain at an early age.

I grew up loving James Taylor and it was the first time I remember thinking: “What’s that sound?”
It was an acoustic guitar being played incredibly well rather than what you get in Dublin – a bunch of drunk people slamming off the instrument. It was unique and made me want to pick up a guitar.
I had five older brothers and sisters plus my mam and dad, so with eight in the house we had everything from Black Sabbath and Metallica to Take That and Roy Orbison playing during my childhood.
Orbison’s I Drove All Night was a particular favourite of my dad’s and I actually ended up writing songs with the guy who wrote it. What an amazing turn of events.

Oh, this is embarrassing but Daydream Believer was the first song I ever bought. Actually, I bought it along with Take On Me by A-ha.
Like them, I ended up in a three-piece that’s done all right, but they were there first.

Ah, now this was the music of my teenage romances! It was a No 1 for the group and it was the song that I used to listen out for at discos.
You’d be dancing all night and keeping your eyeballs peeled for any girls that looked like they were showing any kind of liking for you.
When that song came on you knew it was the start of the slow set and you’d make a beeline – keeping your fingers crossed.

They’re an Irish band and the song is like a national anthem back home.
The first time I was in Los Angeles, when I was 17 or 18, I decided to take a road trip to Las Vegas.
I remember us driving through the desert, feeling so young and so free – no parents, no rules, nothing. That song was playing and we were singing it at the top of our lungs.
Every time I hear that it brings me straight back to that moment. The bumper sticker on the car said “Irish Power” and I had it tattooed on my arm.

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While The Script were in Dubai to perform at the RedFest they gave an interview to Virgin Radio, and you can listen to it below.

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Sem título-3 cópia

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IRISH pop rockers The Script painted the place green literally when they performed at the SSE Hydro for the first night of their European tour.

Former Voice judge Danny O’Donoghue and the lads performed a fast-paced show which kicked off as it meant to go on with the track Paint The Town Green and 40 people in the audience holding big green light sabers with flags on them. With hits like Superheroes, Man On Wire, For the First Time and We Cry in their back catalogue the lads weren’t short on anthems.

Each song was dynamic, with crystal clear vocals and lasers in the background accentuating every chorus. Those who thought Danny was the only voice talent were in for a surprise as his band mates joined in on singing many of the songs.

During the Good Old Days Danny went into the audience to take selfies and whip up a storm while the whole band took to a B stage at the back for a few numbers too. They admitted they were glad to start their tour in Glasgow and said: “We had a day off yesterday and can’t remember what it went like which was a great thing.”

Singing their debit hit The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, Danny said: “Every artist in the world is nothing without songs. This is the reason we are here and this is the reason you are here and we want to thank you so much for that.”

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