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The Script are back in the US to continue their No Sound Without Silence tour and they performed “No good in goodbye” in Good Morning America show this morning. Check it out:

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1111American singer/songwriter Colton Avery, 23, was kind enough to answer a few questions we sent him about his career and his tour and collaboration with The Script. Originally from Phoenix, AZ, Colton has not only been touring with the Irish trio, but also was signed by them as their new artist.

In his official facebook page, Colton says he writes songs for the sole purpose of giving glimpses into life the way he “sees it, feels it” and more specifically “hears it.”

Check out our interview:

The Script Online: How did you get started in music? How is the music scene back in your hometown, Phoenix, Arizona?
Well, I’ve been heavy into music ever since I can remember.. And by that I mean ever since I was 2 years old dancing around to Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, and Elvis records in the living room at my grandmas house. For an official answer though, I got started at 13 when I first picked up a guitar.

The music scene in Phoenix is a very interesting one. There’s actually less of a music scene in that town than you’d think. By its sheer size you’d think it would be a huge music town, but the scene is in fact very small. It’s a good stepping stone town. Coming from a small town like I did. It was the perfect size to get you good enough to go to a place like LA without leaving you overwhelmed and discouraged by how saturated cities like that are.

TSO: The Script signed you as their new artist. So what’s next for you now, what can we expect from your next album? Any collaboration with The Script?
Yes ma’am they did. You can expect something really special. We’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of time to write for this album, which for a sophomore album is very uncommon. So you can expect to hear something that was given a lot of time and care. And who knows… We may bust out a song together.. I’ll wait for the release to reveal surprises like that if there are any.
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EAZY FM 105.05 uploaded their interview with The Script on their Youtube channel. Check it out:

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The New Zeland Herald has posted a new article with The Script on their website. The lads talked about The Voice, their music and touring.

“We’ve even come up with this joke about it: that the only time success comes before touring is in the dictionary. That’s why we tour so much,” said Mark.

Read full article below:

Hiatus prompts trio’s return to basics for new album and reignites desire to tour.

Irish trio The Script say the only time success comes before touring is in the dictionary and that’s why they tour a lot.
Irish trio The Script say the only time success comes before touring is in the dictionary and that’s why they tour a lot.
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After The Script played live at the TV Week Logies Awards on the weekend, Danny has also presented one of the awards of the night. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the full video online, but below you can check out a part of it.

The Script frontman Danny O’Donoghue appeared less than amused on stage with Sonia Kruger at the Logies. The Irishman gestured for new mum Kruger to be cut off after an awkward exchanged he interrupted to announce the nominees for the outstanding newcomer award.

“Welcome. You’re Irish,” Kruger greeted the singer. “I mean, we don’t mind having a drink here in Australia. You guys are used to that.”

Social media punters were quick to react questioning if the presenter had perhaps had a few too many.

“I’ve had a few dirty martinis tonight. I’m a new mum,” Kruger continued. “Potentially could go the full Robert Allenby tonight, I’m thinking. But before that, we are here to present the Graham Kennedy award for Most Outstanding Newcomer. “

A prompt from O’Donoghue about the importance of newcomers to the industry provided further hilarity.
“They are because if we didn’t have newcomers, then there would be no old comers. And thank God for old comers because if we didn’t have new comers and old comers, then wouldn’t have any comers at all.”

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