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Having sold over 20 million records worldwide, The Script are one of the top pop-rock bands around. With a new album and single set to land in the coming months, it looks like the Irish group’s stock is about to rise even further.

Pressparty caught up with drummer Glen Power to find out more.

Your new track ‘Superheroes’ is due to be released on August 31. Is it one of your best singles yet?
The reaction to the single has been amazing. All over our social networks our fans are loving it – we’re very excited and even more excited to get out there on the road and play these new songs live.

What lyrical themes run through the song?
The song is basically about working against the odds, being the underdog and rising up through that. It’s also a song for all the unsung heroes out there – doctors, nurses and people that are often overlooked in our society today.

In your own personal life, who would you say is your superhero?
I really look up to our fans. The stories they share with us about their lives, the difficulties they’ve come through and also how they support each other are really inspiring.

The new album ‘No Sound Without Silence’ is coming out in September – how does it compare musically and lyrically to your previous records?
We brought a tour bus with a recording studio on our last two tours in America. We wanted to catch some of the live energy from the stage. We would go on stage and perform and then come straight from the stage to the recording bus and get that energy on the songs. We ended up doing that for 70% of the album and we really feel it’s brought a fresh energy to the performances this time around.

Read the complete interview here.

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Danny O’Donoghue was interviewed by 538:Radio from Holland, where he talks more about The Script new album, No Sound Without Silence.

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Sarina Bellissimo interviewed Danny O’Donoghue for her show on Spin 1038, where he talks about The Script new album, inspirations, paparazzi, and more.

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‘I want to be known for writing great songs, not for being famous’

ON a hot, sticky summer afternoon in a Dublin city centre recording studio, aptly called Sun, rock god Danny O’Donoghue is rocking out to a new bunch of tunes from The Script.
Shuffle is getting a sneak preview of what’s coming down the line for fans in the same studio where Danny, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power recorded many of their new tracks.

“I first recorded here in Sun Studios when I was 15-years-old,” Danny reveals as he pours us both a glass of fine red wine and plays the recorded songs.

“If you go through the archives in the basement here you’ll find the very first song I ever recorded. It was sh*te, but I still got it recorded. I love the studio. I love Dublin.”

Fortunately, the songs I’m now listening to are far from “sh*te.” In fact, they’re quite possibly The Script’s best work. And with big, fat bass, they’ve been tailored for the American market. There are also strong elements of Irish music woven into the fabric, including a big, new Irish anthem, Paint The Town Green.

The Script are nakedly ambitious and, despite selling over 20 million records so far, they feel there is more to achieve, particularly in America. “In America they love a bit more bass, a bit more kick, and we tried to approach this album with that in mind,” Danny says.

With a pent-up demand for The Script, the album called No Sound Without Silence will take off like a rocket when it’s released on September 12.

“People have been asking, ‘Where the hell are The Script?’, well, we’ve been touring and recording,” Danny says. “We were on a coach across America that had a studio in the back and we wrote many of the songs on that trip.”

Read the full story here.

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Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson took over from The Script frontman Danny O’Donoghue when he stepped down from his coaching role on the BBC talent show in 2013, while Kylie Minogue replaced Jessie J. “I don’t know them personally but it was weird seeing somebody else sitting in my chair,” he admitted.

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