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The Script pranked one of their biggest fans, Elise, in the TV program Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeaway, by meeting her in the street, turning up to her place of work even into her home without her realising.
The Irish band then made a live appearance to surprise Elise, and even took to the stage with her to perform a song called ‘Hall of Shame’.
Watch it below (starts at 7min)

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Danny took a break from the studio to talk to the Hot Press magazine about The Script’s new album. The forthcoming Hot Press, on sale Thursday March 6. Check out the article:

Taking a break from the studio to talk to Hot Press, Danny O’Donoghue of The Script revealed the Dublin trio’s plans for their next long-playing release.

According to the vocalist (and former Voice UK coach), it will see the chart stars leave the more overtly hip-hop and mainstream sounds of 3 for a “singer-songwriter” approach.

“We’ve enjoyed the journey we’ve been on musically,” O’Donoghue says.”Each album has progressed and grown. The first album was very eclectic, very homegrown. With the second one, we’d been on tour for a year, so we were like, ‘we need songs that fill stadiums!’ So we were writing the ‘For The First Time’s – big guitar, poppy, anthemic songs.

“Then the third album, we were not ‘overexposed’, but with me being on The Voice UK, there was a call for us to go ‘mainstream’. It feels now like we’ve done that. We feel like we want to go back.”

That means no rapping and minimal hip hop beats.
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Gibraltar Music Festival just announced The Script as the 2014 edition headliners. The band will play live at the Victoria Stadium on Saturday the 6th of September.

Tickets are be available at Vijay and Music Corner, on Main Street, and also online at Children aged 12 and under will again be allowed free entry, if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. General

Entry tickets are priced at £55 for anyone aged 13 and over. Seated tickets will be reserved this year and will cost £80, with VIP tickets priced at £200.

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Finalists for the 6th annual Shorty Awards were announced Monday, highlighting the best content across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vine and the rest of the social media landscape.

Fifth Harmony, @FifthHarmony
One Direction, @onedirection
Big Time Rush, @bigtimerush
The Script, @thescript
Tokio Hotel, @tokiohotel
5 Seconds of Summer, @5SOS
EMBLEM3, @EmblemThree

The Shorty Awards will be held on April 7 at the New York Times Center and will be available via live stream at Finalists in each category — recognizing content for sports, journalism, fashion, humor and more — are determined by a nominating board of journalists, as well as tweeted nominations from social media users.


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Hey guys,
We are back with another analysis of The Script songs, and this time we’ve chosen “We Cry“, first single from the trio, which was released on April 25th, 2008.

To begin, we notice that the first track of our Irish lads first album tell us stories about different people, who are all passing through some tough situations, with no perspectives.
The inspiration for those stories came from the famous street in Dublin, named James Street, where it was also the location of the hospital in which Mark’s mom was hospitalized while fighting against cancer. We shall explain it better in the words of the boys:
There were so many emotions rattling round, the songs poured out of us. We Cry came from walking down St James’s Street early in the morning, smelling Guinness from the brewery and watching girls who should have been at school pushing babies in prams,” says Mark.

Passing by the local and observing this scenario, Mark wanted to sing about those people.

We though, how we are going to put all of this into a song? So we chose to do something like a rap,” Danny tells to Vh1.

Right in the first verse, we meet Jenny, a poor 14 years old girl who named her daughter Hope. The phrase that comes next “she was hoping for a better world for this little girl,” shows that Hope is more than just a name, and it is actually everything that Jenny wants for her baby.

Mark justify it by saying: “We’d walk past girls with babies called Mercedes or Diamond. You can laugh, but the reason these girls give their kids ‘expensive’ names is because they honestly believe they are giving their children a better chance in life.

After telling Jenny’s story, we get to know about a young man that suffers a lot and the only medicine that he have found for his pain were the drugs.

What about the junk head? Could have gone the whole way
Lighting up the stage trying to get a deal
Now he’s lighting up the wrong way, something for the pain
Man, you wanna see this kid he was so fucking unreal
When he gets that call he’s too far gone
To get it together to sing one song
They won’t hear tonight the words of a lullaby

The third and last character of “We Cry” is Mary, who always aimed to be a politician and dreams about it since she was a little girl. She thought she could change the world. But Mary’s destiny seems to be the same of most women in this man’s world: House, kids and a drunk husband to take care of. The financial situation is bad and now everything that she worries about is her wages.

By telling these 3 stories, the Irish trio finishes the song with the verses below:

I’m sick of looking for those heroes in the sky
To teach us how to fly
Together we cry, together we cry
Together we cry, cry
Together we cry, oh yeah
There’s so much sad, gonna flood the ocean
We’re all in tears for the world is broken

With no happy ending story, “We Cry” isn’t a song with the purpose of saying that everything is going to be better, it simply shows all the people that are suffering or passing through some difficult times – like Mark and Danny were in the time they wrote the lyrics – and that those people are not alone.

There is not a lot of hope in the song. But out of all the things that have gone wrong in our lives, the message is ‘together we cry’. As long as we’re here together we can find a way to share the burden,” Danny concludes.

Sources: BBC and Sunday Time

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