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The Script performed their single “Superheroes” at the Logies Awards 2015, in Australia. Watch it below:

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In an interview to our site, British singer Jamie Scallion talked about his book “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Diaries” and what is like touring with The Script. “A day on tour with The Script is great fun,” said Jamie.

Back in 2013, The Script wrote the soundtrack for the fictional band in the book, “The RockAteers”, which was released exclusivly on Spotify.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Diaries follows the journey and rise to fame of four teenage boys from South London.

Check it out the interview:

The Script Online: Is this going to be a series of books? If so, is there gonna be a different EP for each book?

Jamie: Yes, its four books and yes, we will release music around each book. We are so excited about that aspect of it.

TSO: Can you tell us who are the musicians behind The Rock A Teers?

Jamie: That’s a bit of a state secret im afraid but be assured they are all very god. LOL.

TSO: Writing books is something that you’ve always wanted and you intend to continuous doing, or was it just this idea and you will focus on your musical career now?

Jamie: I never had any intent to become a writer or write a book, I sort of fell into it because I was a little bored on tour and wanted to tell my story (or one that I could write about). It is now something I can’t ever imagine not doing so I’m so glad I discovered it because its really great fun.

TSO: So far, the book is only for sale for Kindle version. Any plans for a printed version of it? Have you been contacted by any publisher interested in the story after its digital release?

Jamie: We released a printed version at the end of 2013. Its brilliant for people to have that choice. We also did an Audiobook. I voiced it, it has music and sound FX. It was very difficult to do. Took me about 5 days straight. Turns out I can write but im not the best reader. Ha ha.

TSO: The book is called “The Rock’n’Roll Diaries”, so if you had to write a diary talking about a day on tour with The Script, how would it be? Can you write it for us?

Jamie: A day on tour with The Script is great fun. It’s the interactions and jokes we all share rather than the day to day that make it a great laugh. We wake up on the tour bus, head for breakfast (usually in the venue), the lads usually have to do a load of interviews then we get the guitars out and have a jam or just chat. Then they go do the gig. I chat to people in the audience. After the show and its back on the bus for more banter and music. A beer or two might be consumed. They really are a pleasure to spend time with. Very warm and generous folk.

TSO: And last, can you send a message to the fans who are reading this interview?

Jamie: The support shown for the book and for me as a writer is really overwhelming. The music also has got over 60.000 plays on Spotify already so that’s something im hugely proud of. So, the message is. Thankyou big time and please stay tuned for more.

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Breakout Net uploaded a new interview with The Script in Singapore where they talk about their latest album and their favorite songs to play. Watch it below:

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Kiss 92 radio station uploaded a brand new interview with The Script back when they were in Singapore. Can you guess what is the naughtiest place they’ve been asked to sign?
Find out:

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The Script will replace Sam Smith at the Logies Awards on Sunday 3 May. The 57th annual awards will be held at the Crown Palladium in Melbourne, and broadcast live on the Nine Network.

Sam Smith was forced to pull out of his remaining gigs in Australia duo to a haemorrhage on his vocal chords.

Meghan Trainor and Ricky Martin have also been lined up to perform at the Logies.


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